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5th Mar 2024

228. Unlocking Cosmic Wisdom Using The Akashic Records with Heather Ivany

Did you know that you can use the Akashic records to find out more about your gifts, your purpose, your guides, your ancestors, your next best step, and SO much more?

In this episode of High Vibin' It, Heather Ivany, Spiritual Mentor & Akashic Guide, joins us to talk about the mystical and magical Akashic Records.

Hear more about...

✨ What are The Akashic Records really like?

✨ How The Akashic Records can help you on your spiritual path?

✨ What is an Akashic record reading like?

✨ And more!

If you've ever been curious about having your Akashic Records read or you want to learn how to read The Akashic Records for yourself or others, this episode is for you!


Heather's Website: heatherivany.com

Connect with Heather on Social: @heather_ivany

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